Belgrade Area Dams Committee


Greetings all,

As the ice is out on Long Pond (with the exception of about a 50 yd band about 500 yds north of Castle Island)Tom and I just shut down Wings Mill completely this afternoon.  It brought the level up from 9.25” to just about 4” below full pond.  We’re anticipating we’ll be at full pond within the next few days.

Great Pond looks like its pretty much open with the exception of the ramp, marina and Pinkham’s Cove.  Great Pond is presently at 12.24” below full with the gate only open about 4-6”.

This past Sunday, the upper basin of Snow Pond looked open down to the island.  Snow Pond is only about 5” below full and still dumping water.

It’s been one strange Spring for sure but we’re in our saving water mode from this point forward.  Remember, the plan is to have full ponds +3” by Memorial Day.

Best to all,


Dick Greenan
Rome delegate
Chairman, Belgrade Lakes Watershed Dams Committee


Tri-Town Agreement

The current agreement governing the maintenance and operations of the three area dams include three participating municipalities: Rome, Belgrade, and Oakland. Each town pays a proportion of the Committee’s expenses, based on the total shoreline within town limits.

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Committee Members

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Richard Greenan

Member, Chairman


Garrett Luszczski

Alt. Member, Secretary


Blaine Horrocks