Town of Rome, Maine

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Rome Fire, Rescue & Emergency Management

In case of emergency, dial 911

Open burn permits can now be requested.


Update from the Rome/Belgrade Ad Hoc Committee

To plan for the future, a committee of residents from Rome and Belgrade have been meeting to discuss our Fire/Rescue options. One option is merging our departments. Ultimately, whatever happens will be determined by voters in both towns. To help assure our recommendations take into consideration the wants and needs of our community, we have developed a brief survey. Please take a few minutes to share your opinion and ideas through this survey, and please feel welcome to reach out to anyone on the committee for more information.

For more information, view the Information and Survey document

Rome committee members Gary Foss, Ed Pearl, Lincoln Nye, and Andy Cook

Fire Chief: Gary Foss

Fire Assistant Chief: Ed Pearl, Jr.

Rescue Chief: Gary Foss

EMA Director: Ed Pearl, Jr.


2nd Monday of every month

(except July and August)


3rd Monday of every month

(except July and August)

Contact the Chiefs:

Gary Foss: (207) 458-1074

Ed Pearl, Jr: (207) 314-6192

Warden's Report :: Online Burn Permit Service

After emergency legislation was enacted, the Town is pleased to once again offer a free online burn permit service. Administered through Warden's Report, the service allows residents to notify local fire officials of an intent to burn, without going through the process of acquiring a hardcopy permit.
On days when burning is prohibited, the service will be disabled by local officials.

The Rome Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Management Departments protect 1,038 dwellings, 31.72 square miles of land, 6.31 square miles of water, approximately $317.6 million in real estate, and over 1,000 year-round residents. The town's population nearly triples through the summer months.

The departments currently have a total of seven pieces of vehicle equipment: a 2014 Kenworth Toyne 1,200 gallon per minute pumper; a 2014 Dodge one-ton 4x4 utility/back-up rescue truck; a 2004 GMC E-One 1,200 gallon pumper truck; a Ford one-ton Rescue truck; a 1992 2,500 gallon tank truck; a two-up 4x4 all-terrain vehicle (ATV); and an Arctic Cat snowmobile.

The Rescue squad currently has nine active members. The Rome Fire Department currently has 14 active members serving.

If you are interested in joining the Fire or Rescue departments, please do not hesitate to contact the officers. Both departments are always accepting applications. The applications will be available here on the site soon!

Please make sure your house numbers are visible from both directions of traffic. To ensure your safety, also, please make sure your heating system in checked annually by a professional.

Rome Fire & Rescue

10 Mercer Rd.

Rome, ME  04963