The Recreation Committee is Building Community

Google Group

The Rome Recreation Committee has set up a Google Group, called "RomeBulletinBoard".  You can access it by searching "Google Groups" on your computer, then searching "RomeBulletinBoard".  Click to join the group and follow the prompts.  If you don't have a Google email, you may be asked to create one, but you will then use your own email as a member of the group (this is not shared with the general membership).  The Group Administrator (that's me, Sandy Shute) will admit you to the group.  You can then choose is you want to get daily emails, if any, listing any new topics submitted or you can just choose to visit the site when you want.  You can also post on the site if you have information or questions or whatever to share.

The Google Group was formed to create an online means for Rome and vicinity residents to share information.  Do you:  have a neighbor who has been hospitalized and for whom you would like to organize meals, have a car for sale, want to know what kind of bird you just photographed (you can insert photos), need a ride to the bus station/airport, need referals for construction, maintentenance, repair, want to annouce a meeting (religious and political meetng my be annouced, but, please refrain from religious and political discussions), want to create a book group, knitting group, hiking group, want to share that great photo you just took of a beautiful sunrise/sunset, have extra seeds/seedlings to share?  You get the idea.  The more people who join, the more useful and fun the site becomes!

The site can be informative, useful, entertaining and community building.  Please sign up and join the fun!  If you have any questions regarding the group, please email me at [email protected].