Town of Rome, Maine

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Application Fee Schedule

Building Permits
•Outside Shoreland Zone: $0.025/ft² ($25.00 minimum)
          No permit needed for structures less than 100 ft²
•Inside Shoreland Zone: $0.075/ft² ($75.00 minimum)
          No fee for temporary dock permits

**Double permit fee charged for after-the-fact permits

Plumbing Permits
•Internal Plumbing Permits: $10 per fixture ($40.00 minimum)
•Septic Permits: $35.00 - $285.00 (depending on components/system)
          Please see Plumbing Inspector for specific prices

•Administrative and Variance Appeals: $50.00

Subdivision Application: $100.00, plus $50.00 per lot and/or unit

Commercial Development Application: $250.00

Wireless Services Facility Application: $1,500.00

Town of Rome Ordinances

Please note: The above list of ordinances is not a complete list of the Town's ordinances. The Town in currently in the process of creating digital copies of all ordinances for posting. Please contact the Code Enforcement Office if you are in question of compliance.