Fire, Rescue, & Emergency Management

About Us

The Rome Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Management Departments protect 1,038 dwellings, 31.72 square miles of land, 6.31 square miles of water, approximately $317.6 million in real estate, and over 1,000 year-round residents. The town’s population nearly triples through the summer months.

The Departments currently have a total of seven pieces of vehicle equipment: a 2014 Kenworth Toyne 1,200 gallon per minute pumper; a 2014 Dodge one-ton 4×4 utility/back-up rescue truck; a 2004 GMC E-One 1,200 gallon pumper truck; a Ford one-ton Rescue truck; a 1992 2,500 gallon tank truck; a two-up 4×4 all-terrain vehicle (ATV); and an Arctic Cat snowmobile.

The Rescue squad currently has nine active members. The Rome Fire Department currently has 14 active members serving.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Gary Foss Fire & Rescue Chief (207) 458-1074
Ed Pearl, Jr. Fire Assistant Chief & EMA Director (207) 314-6192

Rome Fire/Rescue Committee

Name Title
Gary Foss Member
Ed Pearl, Jr. Member
Lincoln Nye Member
Andy Cook Member
Gary Foss

Fire Chief